San Francisco is home to diverse population from many ethnic groups. You may find people of Chinese descent, Japanese, Koreans, Asian and Russians descent in San Francisco. With its multi-cultural environment, San Francisco has a need of lawyers who can understand the culture and language and can legally assist these people satisfactorily.

Although the number is small still many people who live in San Francisco of Russian descent, speak only Russian or some related dialect. Thus lawyers have to be extra sharp when dealing with such clients and not consider language as a barrier. Legal disputes are often time consuming, stressful and expensive. Negotiating with the other party is more beneficial in most of the cases thus counseling about how to move forward, explaining the risks become crucial. In such cases experience and ability to effectively communicate proves helpful in gaining positive results.

Foreman and Brasso is a well established law firm of San Francisco, providing law services since 1974. We have huge expertise gained over the years of providing law services to Americans and other people of foreign descents in San Francisco area. Foreman and Brasso specialize in a wide range of legal services such as Business Litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Employment Law, Legal Malpractice, Construction, Insurance Claims and Civil Litigation and Lawsuits.

We believe in equality and equal chance at justice therefore we offer a free initial consultation to our clients, understanding their legal concern, then explaining the risks, time and expenses involved. Only after the go ahead signal we proceed with the process and we try to keep it transparent throughout the proceedings. Transparency is very important when it comes to dealing with any law firm. If a client feels he/she has been misguided or been given negligent legal consultation, he/she can talk to someone on Legal Malpractice and could get effective representation.

At Foreman and Brasso we highly believe in strong personal ethics and guide everyone accordingly. In many cases litigation is not the best method for resolving disputes. Sometimes private negotiation or arbitration is better. So to ensure your requirements are completely met and fulfilled, we work diligently to identify the means to get the best results.

Experienced Lawyers - A Record of Success Since 1974.