People generally hire real estate attorneys when a dispute arises or some problem with the contract shows up. While signing a contract be it leasing or purchase agreement people usually don’t hire Real Estate Lawyers and later many flaws come to light such as unresolved disputes or defective titles or undisclosed facts, to name a few. They can suffer great losses by these legal jargons when these came to haunt them later by not hiring experts who know these jargons and the pitfalls in the contract, basically speaking Real Estate Lawyers. Most importantly real estate is expensive and it can be a bad deal by jeopardizing huge amounts of money.

Real Estate Lawyer San Francisco

Whether you are looking for business real estate attorney or consumer real estate attorneys or you are dealing with homeowner/tenant dispute Foreman and Brasso is the right place for you. At Foreman and Brasso, we have a dedicated team of real estate lawyers who can help in identifying contract flaws to prevent future damages for you.

We serve land owners, real estate agents, joint venture partners, developers, contractors etc. and over the years we have acquired litigation expertise to resolve many real estate disputes involving purchase & sale contracts, partnership disputes, claim involving breach of fiduciary duty, commercial leases, and property insurance.

Commercial real estate law is very complex and requires in depth knowledge of laws governing real estate, loans, mortgage as well as commercial business. So someone highly skilled and experienced would be beneficial for representing you. We are experienced in dealing with complex commercial real estate laws and litigations such as corporate litigation, LLC, Partnership or Environmental litigation.

Legal disputes related to real estate development or constructions are best handled by lawyers who can help you reduce the risks in litigation. At Foreman & Brasso, attorneys make calculated decisions and do what’s necessary to achieve success. Our decisions are based on years of experience, legal and factual research, and knowledge of the law.

Attorneys are professionals on whom you must rely for many of your most important personal decisions. Keeping this in mind, we at Foreman & Brasso take your responsibilities very seriously.

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