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Foreman & Brasso always prepares their client’s case for trial. However, we recognize that litigation is not always the best means for resolving disputes. Sometimes alternative dispute resolution methods more effectively achieve the client’s goals. These methods include private negotiation, mediation or arbitration. To ensure that individual needs are met, Foreman & Brasso works closely with you to identify the most effective means to obtain the results you want.

We offer a completely free initial consultation to determine whether we can help. To discuss your particular needs, please contact Foreman & Brasso.

Business Litigation

When a business or individual fails to perform on a written or an oral agreement as promised, legal action may be warranted. However, it is important to choose an attorney wisely. Choose a law firm that has an established reputation. Choose one that is recognized for integrity. Choose the San Francisco law office of Foreman & Brasso.

Foreman & Brasso have achieved tremendous success in the resolution of business disputes. Foreman & Brasso is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell. We have achieved many favorable outcomes for business clients and individuals, including seven-figure jury verdicts and settlements.

As a law firm, Foreman & Brasso can tailor our approach to the unique needs of your business. Lawyers at Foreman & Brasso handle legal issues related to many different kinds of business disputes. For example:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of joint venture agreements
  • Misappropriation of client funds
  • Fraud
Personal Injury

Lawyers at Foreman & Brasso have been successfully representing clients in personal injury matters since 1974. Located in San Francisco, we have achieved seven-figure jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured clients in a broad range of matters. These include wrongful death, auto accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, workplace injury, accidents around machinery, product liability and injury on business premises.

An injury to you or a loved one can be catastrophic. Clients often wonder how they will deal with hospital bills, the costs of continued care and the pain and suffering associated with the injury. Although no legal action can put things back the way they were before the accident, the lawyers at Foreman & Brasso can help clients get the compensation they need to move forward.

Foreman & Brasso takes cases for clients with diverse injuries and needs. We help people obtain compensation for burns, broken bones, wrongful death and catastrophic injuries like brain and spinal injury. We know that each client is unique. As a law firm, We can tailor our approach to best fit your needs. When litigation is required, we are willing and able to go to trial. Sometimes an action other than taking a case to trial is best. Foreman & Brasso uses methods of alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and settlement to get the best possible results.

Real Estate

Foreman & Brasso serves developers, contractors, subcontractors, joint venture partners, real estate agents and their principals and land owners. Located in San Francisco, California, the firm has a long history of success in real estate law.

Real estate disputes – whether they involve purchase and sale contracts, partnership disputes, claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, commercial leases, property insurance, property tax assessments, design and construction defects or boundaries – require litigation expertise to resolve.

Employment Law

If your employer acts in violation of the law, the lawyers at the San Francisco law firm of Foreman & Brasso stand ready to protect your rights. We are strong, smart lawyers driven by the need to obtain a satisfactory result for our clients. When it comes to employment disputes, we get results. Plainly put: we can cut it.

Legal Malpractice

Attorneys are professionals upon whom people must rely for many of their most important personal decisions. If an attorney has made a negligent or gross error that has caused you harm, you are entitled to bring a lawsuit to be fully compensated for your loss. The lawyers at the San Francisco law firm of Foreman & Brasso take our responsibilities very seriously. In addition to being driven by the need to win and strong personal ethics, we take prompt action to fight legal malpractice and to make sure that other attorneys do right by clients.

Sometimes people are simply not sure whether or not legal malpractice has occurred. They know that the outcome was a disappointment in trial or their case was dismissed by a judge. When this happens, it can be important to talk to an attorney about the case. Lawyers at Foreman & Brasso can help you review what happened and decide if it was due to your lawyer’s negligence. We can help you take action to get compensation for the harm you have suffered because of a significant error made by your attorney.

Every client’s situation is unique. Various errors can constitute legal malpractice. For example:

  • Missed statute of limitations or other important case deadlines
  • Failure to communicate with clients
  • Failure to take necessary steps to further the prosecution or defense
  • Failure to properly prepare for summary disposition motions and trial

The experienced attorneys at Foreman & Brasso handle construction disputes among real estate developers, homeowners, general contractors and subcontractors. Construction law can sometimes be complex and Foreman & Brasso under understand those complexities and, (with the assistance of experts) can help you make solid business decisions.

With an AV rating by Martindale-Hubble, Foreman & Brasso has a reputation for excellence in the practice of law. Since the law firm’s founding in 1974, lawyers at Foreman & Brasso have continued to experience success in resolving construction disputes, both inside and outside of the courtroom. This success includes seven-figure settlements for defective construction involving defective roofing and foundations.

Attorneys at Foreman & Brasso continue to get results for clients. We take legal action for a wide range of legal and financial concerns. For example:

  • Construction liens
  • Removal of lis pendens
  • Defective construction
  • Water intrusion
  • Breach of contract

Legal disputes related to real estate development or construction are best handled by lawyers who can help you reduce the risks in litigation. At Foreman & Brasso, attorneys make calculated decisions and do what’s necessary to achieve success. We know that every construction dispute is unique, and we will take all actions that will serve you best. Our decisions are based on years of experience, legal and factual research, and knowledge of the law.

Insurance Claims

When people make regular insurance premium payments, they expect to be covered in the event an injury or damage occurs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith, denying claims or coverage when benefits are rightly due. Fortunately, you can take action. Attorneys at the San Francisco law firm of Foreman & Brasso stand up to insurance companies to make sure that you get the benefits you need and deserve.

When an insurance company acts in bad faith, you need a lawyer competent to take them on. Attorneys at Foreman & Brasso can cut it. We are tough enough to stand up to large insurance companies during an insurance dispute. We know that a team of dedicated lawyers is needed to eliminate the difference between a large insurance company with many resources and an injured individual. Working as a team, lawyers at Foreman & Brasso strive to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Insurance companies are tough. To get a fair settlement, you have to be willing to go to trial. Insurance companies know the reputation of attorneys at Foreman & Brasso. They know that the firm is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell for its preeminent legal ability. They know that lawyers at the firm never hesitate to go to trial to resolve an insurance dispute that resists settlement.

Civil Litigation and Civil Lawsuits

Since 1974, Foreman & Brasso have handled a wide range of disputes involving injury or monetary loss. We have achieved successful results, including exceptional multimillion-dollar jury verdicts, arbitration awards and mediated settlements in a wide range of civil suits. Matters the firm have handled, include interference with prospective business advantage, fraud, deceit, concealing of information to another party’s detriment, conversion of property and embezzlement.

Civil Litigation and Civil LawsuitsLawyers at the San Francisco law office tailor our approach to the unique needs of our clients. As a law firm, we work closely with our clients throughout the duration of their civil suits. We always make sure clients are kept well-informed about the progress in their cases. Attorneys at Foreman & Brasso make sure that we are available when clients call. If we happen to miss a call, we return calls promptly.

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