Experience is important whether you work in a restaurant or in some big corporate but doubly so for lawyers. Law is such a complex field with so many ups and downs and changes and verdicts daily that you can only successfully navigate this minefield and guide your clients with the help of experience.

This doesn’t mean that knowledge is not important. Knowledge as well as experience is important to gain favorable verdicts in a court. General practitioners are good for non-complex legal matters but lack of experience in a particular law stream can hurt your cause.

Experienced lawyers have a vast network of professional to help with the case and this is very beneficial when your case is going to trial. You won’t get such help from startup lawyers and sometimes these little points can make or break your case. For example bringing expert reliable witness such as doctors or gaining testimony of any other witness or obtaining some pertinent documents.

Experienced lawyers also understand the best options available to you and would guide you accordingly. An experienced lawyer would know how to strike up a good settlement offer or when to plea-bargain

Foreman and Brasso can proudly boast to be a highly experienced law firm operating since 1974. The areas in which we have successfully dealt and provided best law advices are Business Litigation, Real Estate and Personal Injury. Most of the cases are dealt outside but if there is any chance of your case going to trial only an experienced lawyer can represent you successfully.

Being in Law business for more than forty years we are highly experienced lawyers in each of the field we represent and we strive to direct you towards the best route possible. Only seasoned lawyers know how to present your case in the best possible way and Foreman & Brasso is known for its seasoned lawyers throughout San Francisco.

Foreman and Brasso have covered trial in a broad range of legal issues including antitrust, business litigation, personal injury, real estate matters, contract dispute, bad faith insurance to name a few.

We tell our clients whether it is worth to pursue legal action and go through all work of preparing litigation. We work hard towards achieving the best possible jury verdict in your favor. Our legal representation procedure is fully transparent and you can go through it and ask any question if you are not satisfied with our legal representation.

At Foreman and Brasso you will get expert legal help with full transparency and keeping your best interest in mind.

Experienced Lawyers - A Record of Success Since 1974.