Are you a victim of unlawful employment practices? Have you been wrongfully terminated or your wages/ commission are not paid as per law. Are you being forced to sign illegal contract?

If you are facing any of the above mentioned problems or some other grievances then you could visit an employment lawyer to discuss your rights and the right path to follow.


Employment laws are in place to protect the rights of employees as well as employers and makes sure employees are treated fairly. These laws are based on federal and state rulings, legislations and court rulings. If a contract has been signed between employee and employer then the proceedings would be different in that case as the relationship would be governed by the contract.

Some of the employment related issues handled by lawyers are –

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Breach of Contract
  • Harassment
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Unlawful Contracts
  • Whistleblower Protection

If you are involved in above mentioned disputes whether you are an employer or an employee, hiring an employment lawyer would be beneficial for you to protect your rights.

It’s very difficult to get experienced employee-side employment lawyers and you need an expert when it comes to fighting for your rights. Big companies already have a large team of lawyers on retention to protect them from legal fights so if you are fighting for your rights or you are a whistleblower in one these big companies you need a really good and experienced employment lawyer to represent you.

Consulting with an employment lawyer as soon as you face any employment issue is very crucial as the delay could prevent you from proving illegal conduct and from recovering damages.

Foreman & Brasso has extensive experience in dealing all forms of unlawful employment practices and we work diligently to protect employee rights. Foreman & Brasso has been fighting for employee rights, pursuing damages and compensation for employees since 1974. We have gained enough expertise to handle any employment related cases and have gained exceptional results during the last forty years.

During recent economic meltdowns massive layoff were done by companies and employees were laid off with severance packages. Those who were aware of their rights consulted with employment lawyers and negotiated their severance pay or any other discrimination faced during layoffs.

Foreman & Brasso helped many employees in getting their rights. We know the importance of getting into a massive legal battle so we weigh the pros and cons of a lawsuit and accordingly guide our clients to take proper legal steps to get them justice. It is better to be aggressive when dealing an employment lawsuit but you did not want to come across as over ambitious and this is where experience matters most. How to handle the litigation efficiently and expertly without hampering the future employment prospects of your client matters most.

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