A car accident is a traumatic experience and in many cases recovering from the injuries could take months and long medical treatment. Dealing with doctors, insurance agents, police while keeping track of medical bills and repair bills could be a huge task for anyone, let alone the person injured and lying in a sick bed.

Foreman and Brasso is an experienced lawyer’s firm who can understand the pain and trauma attached with any injury and can provide trustworthy help. We deal with insurance agents, claims department, filing paperwork for insurance, preparing the court case (if going to trial), discussing injury with medical experts and its impact on future job prospects and lifestyle. These all are done to help you with the claim.

Communication between clients and lawyers is very crucial for any claims case before it goes to trial. Lawyers should understand what their client wants and how to express themselves effectively in front of all the important members related to the case.

San Francisco has a diverse population with a mix of different ethnic group from various countries. San Francisco has the highest percentage of residents of Chinese descent in any major US city. As of 2012 at least 150,000 residents were Chinese American.

So if you are Chinese American victim of a car accident, how would you effectively communicate and make others understand your experience, trauma and pain you underwent in the accident.

Foreman & Brasso have staff who can speak with you in Chinese efficiently. We are a law firm which firmly believes in giving fair justice to everyone which is why open communication between clients and lawyers and various other parties involved is very necessary. Our language expert helps us in gaining perspectives and understanding our client’s requirements.

Lawyers at Foreman & Brasso have been successfully representing clients in personal injury matters since 1974. We have achieved seven-figure jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured clients in a broad range of matters. We know that each client is unique thus we tailor our approach to best fit your needs. When litigation is required, we are willing and able to go to trial.

Irrespective of the language you speak, we are fully equipped and highly experienced to represent you in a court case. Language understanding and communication is needed but only experience matters when it comes to dealing a personal injury case, whether it is going for a trial or settlement.

Experienced Lawyers - A Record of Success Since 1974.