Any kind of personal injury can change your entire life. It takes a second for an accident but a lifetime to recover from the trauma. A car/bike accident in itself is a traumatic experience without counting the injury resulted from it. You have to deal with doctors, medical bills, loss of property and most importantly insurance agents. Foreman and Brasso have experienced lawyers with years of dealing with all kinds of personal injury cases so we can understand the pain and trauma attached with the injury.


According to statistics, an auto accident injury occurs every six seconds in America so knowing where to get reliable and trustworthy help to protect your rights is most important. People who have been injured in an auto accident have legal rights to seek compensation for injury and loss of property and not to be fooled by meager insurance settlements. Many people believe they cannot take action because of lack of legal knowledge but believe us that you have more options than you think.

Here at Foreman and Brasso we help you while you recover from your injuries. An accident can change your life and create many hassles without the added worry of paying bills and earning money. But you don’t have to worry about paying medical and auto body shop bills as we would help you in all that. We also deal with insurance company and claim adjusters, filing the paperwork for accident claim. We use medical experts to determine the extent of your injuries and its effect on your future job and earning potential so as to help you with the claim.

Getting help from Foreman and Brasso will ensure you a fair settlement. Foreman and Brasso has been helping in a broad range of legal issues such as personal injury, antitrust, real estate matters, contract disputes etc since 1974. Our years of experience have enabled us to gain reputation as exemplary legal experts working with strong legal ethics. Our clients have participated in multi-million dollar settlements or trial results. Some of our recent successes include a directed verdict against a $600,000 fraud claim, and a $7 million settlement in probate litigation. Handling different personal injury and other legal cases over years has gotten us ranked as a “Top Rated Law Firm in San Francisco”.

We make tactical decisions and fight hard to protect the interests of our clients.

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