Businesses can be very complex and involve lots of contracts and deals signed between partners and other interested parties. Sometimes business disputes arise or the business owners fail to comply with written or oral agreement as promised and these disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations; in that case business litigation can be used.

If you are a businessman based in San Francisco and looking for a business litigation lawyer, Foreman and Brasso is the right legal firm for you.

Foreman and Brasso has been giving legal consultation and representation to the people of San Francisco since 1974. Our experience and expertise has resulted in favorable outcomes for our business clients and individuals. We have gained a seven figure jury verdict and settlements.

When it comes to handling a business dispute, experience is very essential to tackle the nuances and corporate laws as well as laws regarding the specific industry that business operates in. Foreman and Brasso has that necessary knowledge and experience to deal with cases related to Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary duty, Breach of Joint Venture Agreements, Misappropriation of client funds, Fraud etc.

Some of the common areas where business litigation is the only recourse –

  • Finance and Investments – if you are suffering financial losses and suspect your broker has not acted ethically or investing your funds without informing about investments then business litigation can be brought against them.
  • Intellectual Property – Any infringement on a patent, trademark or copyright is grounds for business litigation.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty – if one business partner violates any written or oral agreement then other partners can recover losses with legal help.
  • Insurance Disputes – denying claim or undervaluing can be attempted by insurance agents thus resulting in taking legal steps by business owners.

Settling or negotiating with other party is beneficial in many cases as compared to going for litigation. Resolution without business litigation route is always preferred by both parties but if it is not possible then only an experienced business litigation lawyer can protect your rights and your company’s business interests.

Foreman and Brasso has been protecting and fighting for the interest of its clients for many decades. We believe in developing relationships through prompt, efficient and cost effective legal representation. Our firm has enjoyed record success gaining many successful settlements and verdicts as well as awards and recognitions among our peers. We can proudly say we are one of the best firms in Business Litigation, Real Estate and Personal Injury.

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